Assistive Listening Systems

Assistive Listening Systems (ALS) are installed in over 200 conference rooms, lecture halls and classrooms on campus, using infrared technology (IR). The IR system has been selected because of its ease of use, and the ability to support multiple systems within a building without creating interfering signals.

The university is working to ensure that every room that is equipped with an ALS has signage that designates where the ALS transmitter and receivers are stored. Signage also includes a contact number for immediate assistance if the system is not working. Program planners should arrange with the IT staff in the building to have the ALS tested before an event to ensure that they are in good working order.

Universal FM receivers that can be used with every ALS on campus are available for a long-term loan to Cornell community members from Student Disability Services and CIT.

We want to hear from you if an ALS system is not working. Please send an email to Accessibility Resources at to report a problem with using an ALS on campus.