Diversity includes Disability

What does disability inclusion look like to me? Simple. Meeting locations that don't require climbing stairs. Little things can make a bid difference. When someone cares about the details that make campus events more accessible to those with disabilities, it can have a high impact on a colleague's sense of belonging.

Cornell aspires to be a community where members can thrive in a culture of  inclusion and respect.  Sustaining an inclusive university requires a commitment to educate ourselves about the diversity of our community. With knowledge about how our various identities including disability, race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion, ethnicity and more can shape the opportunities and experiences that we are afforded, it is necessary to take an active role in building an inclusive community.

The Diversity includes Disability campaign is designed to educate about the disability experience. Through this educational effort, we strive to enhance our knowledge of the disability experience, to build a community of disability allies, develop a culture in which individuals are empowered to speak out, and move our campus forward toward greater accessibility for all.

Please explore the resources on this website and look for our Diversity includes Disability events in the coming months.