Strategic Plan

The disability strategic planning effort is designed to:

  1. continue the university’s efforts to incorporate disability access into the university diversity and inclusion initiatives;
  2. establish shared accountability and responsibility for addressing program and physical accessibility for individuals with disabilities;
  3. provide educational opportunities to improve the university community’s understanding of disability issues and the university’s obligations in disability compliance; and
  4. expand the university’s commitment to community relations with organizations that advocate for individuals with disabilities.

These efforts are accomplished by addressing disability access in six priority areas: physical accessibility of the campus, educational programs and services for students and employees, technology, communication, employment, and emergency preparedness and evacuation.

The disability access management strategic plan is the university’s road map for disability access that will enhance the university’s compliance with disability laws and regulations, and provide best practice recommendations for creating a climate that embraces individuals with disabilities.

Disability Strategic Access Plan FY 2020 – 2022 (pdf)