CART & Interpreter Resources

Individuals who are Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing (D/HOH) may use a variety of options for communication access to an event. The best option will depend on the preference of the individual and the type of event.

Sign Language Interpreting is the translation of verbal communication to American Sign Language by the Sign Language Interpreter. Through the use of hand symbols and facial expressions, the Sign Language Interpreter conveys the meaning of the speaker’s message.

Interpreters often work in teams, interpreting for 15 minutes at a time and then taking a break while the partner interprets.

Captioning is another form of communication access.  Communication Access in Real Time (CART) is provided by trained stenographers. The captions are either projected on a large screen or on a laptop computer given to the D/HOH individual.  Captioning can be provided remotely. This works best for events with the presenters at a microphone. The remote captionist will work from the single amplified source.

Below is a list of sign language interpreting and captioning agencies that have been used at Cornell.  Cornell does not have a contract rate with these vendors.


Sign Language Interpreting